Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Unleash Your Imagination with "Kurios" from Cirque du Soleil


Explore the Hidden World of “Kurios Cabinet of Curiosity”

By Skip Sheffield

Unlock the gates of your imagination with “Kurios Cabinet of Curiosity,” the 35th production of Cirque du Soleil since its founding in Montreal in 1984. The show runs under a big top (“Grande Chapiteau” in French) next to Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium Dec. 10- Jan. 29.
“Seeing is disbelieving” is the motto of “Kurios,” which is set in an alternate yet familiar past.
“We don’t disappoint you,” promises publicist Amelie Robitaille. “The show was inspired by the 19th century industrial revolution, in a time when people believed anything was possible.”
The central character is called The Seeker, who discovers a magical world beneath the surface of reality. The secret he learns is to close your eyes to see the fantastic creatures and experience the poetry and humor unleashed from the cabinet.
There are 45 circus artists from 15 counties, 20 percent of whom are veterans of Cirque du Soleil. In his imaginary travels The Seeker meets the Curiostanians, who guide him to Mr. Microcosmos, an authority figure; Nico the Accordion Man who is the perfect handyman; Klara, the Telegraph of the Invisible, who has a language of her own; Mini Lili, who at 3.2 foot is one of the smallest women in the world, and The Kurios: Winch and Plunger.
The acts include Rola Bola the Fearless Aviator; Accro Net underwater trampoline act; the Comic Act, in which a woman is invited from the audience to participate; the Aerial Straps, Yo-Yos, The Theater of Hands and Banquine, which consists of 13 artists performing synchronized acrobatics. Weather permitting there is a pre-show with three artists high atop the big top.
“Kurios” is perhaps the Cirque’s most elaborate and complex show to date. It takes six days just to set it up and two days to tear down. There are more than 100 custom-made costumes and 426 props, including the 750 lb. Mechanical Hand. It takes 65 trucks to carry 2,000 tons of equipment.
“We have an eight-piece Gypsy band with accordion, cello and a Greek singer, reveals Robitaille. “There is a head piece on the Gramophone that commemorates the invention of the gramophone. It was a very impressive era. Imagine if we lived without electricity. It’s a beautiful blend of science fiction and fantasy. We have been on the road two and a half years, since April, 2014. The show is so good it makes my life easy.”
Tickets start at $39. Go to www.cirquedusoleil.com

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