Thursday, February 2, 2017

Leave Disbelief Behind for "The Space Between Us"


“The Space Between Us” Requires Disbelief

By Skip Sheffield

“The Space Between Us” calls for a lot of suspension of disbelief to buy into its far-out premise. It is set in some unspecified time in the future. A space shuttle takes off with a mission to colonize the planet Mars. One of the astronauts is a woman who discovers she is pregnant. Don’t they check for such things pre-takeoff? The unfortunate woman dies in childbirth, but her son survives to be the first human born on Mars. We flash forward 16 years and Gardner Elliot (British actor Asa Butterfield) has struck up an internet friendship with a feisty girl named Tulsa (another Brit, Britt Robertson) in Colorado. How this is possible, don’t ask. It is necessary to set up the romantic plot of boy from outer space in love with Earth girl. Both Butterfield and Robertson have unconventional beauty. Tall Butterfield has magnetic blue eyes. Tiny Robertson has tough girl charm. How else could she kick over a 1960s vintage Triumph motorcycle with ease?
Supporting players are Carla Gugino, Gary Oldman and BD Wong as NASA handlers of Gardner Elliot. It seems the Earth’s gravitational pull is too much for Gardner’s heart to withstand. So the NASA people chase him around while he is with Triumph girl, who by the way has an amazing talent for stealing vehicles.

So hey, the scenery is pretty and so are the principals. Rocket science this is not. Escapist entertainment it is.

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