Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Passengers" on a Flight to Nowhere


Space Cadets in Love in “Passengers”

By Skip Sheffield

Is there another actress working today hotter than Jennifer Lawrence? I can’t think of one.
In “Passengers” Lawrence manages look sexy even in a space suit. “Passengers” is set in outer space, but it is basically a boy-meets-girl love story. The boy is James Preston, played by Chris Pratt. James is one of 258 crew members aboard the Starship Avalon. The girl is Aurora Lane, played by Jennifer Lawrence.
Due to some unspecified malfunction, Jim awakes from his sleeping pod with 90 years yet to go on the 120-year flight to Homestead Colony to start a new life with more than 5,000 passengers. Don’t ask the specifics on how a body can be kept alive in suspended animation for 120 years. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts (“Prometheus”) provides no answers. Nor should you question how a luxuriously appointed giant spacecraft could indefinitely provide gourmet food and an open bar tended by a friendly robot named Arthur (Michael Sheen). Just go with it and you will better enjoy the ride.
Jim understandably gets lonely, so he wakes up Aurora from her pod. So begins a (space) shipboard romance between two exceedingly attractive people. When Aurora learns Jim deliberately released her from her pod, she is none too pleased.
As with all spaceship journeys, malfunctions develop. Enter Laurence Fishburne as Capt. Gus Mancuso, furrowing his brow mightily.

I have enjoyed outer space science fiction movies since I was a child. You don’t go to them for credibility or believability. You go for the look and the thrill. Norwegian director Marten Tyldum has provided both, with the added bonus of the sexiest space cadet around, Jennifer Lawrence.

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