Thursday, February 4, 2016

"The Choice" Another Nicholas Sparks Weeper


Weep Along With “The Choice”

By Skip Sheffield

Nicholas Sparks has become a wealthy man writing weepy romances. “The Letter” was the first to be adapted to the screen. “The Choice” is the latest, and it is a lot like those that preceded it.
Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) and Travis Parker (Benjamin Walker) are neighbors in a small coastal North Carolina community. Travis is a carefree boat captain and ladies’ man. Gabby is a serious medical student who is in a relationship. When she moves near Travis, he can’t help but noticed the fresh-faced young beauty.
According to the Nichols Sparks formula, the seemingly mismatched couple will fight attraction, then ultimately give in to it. Then something will happen to challenge the relationship.
“The Choice” is distinguished by beautiful coastal North Carolina vistas. The beautiful scenery almost over shadows the love story. As a bonus you have friendly dogs and cute, cuddly puppies.
Benjamin Walker is a likable true Southerner who fits comfortably into the role of confident boat captain. He is less confident as a young father faced with an extreme challenge.
Teresa Palmer is a naturally gorgeous Australian actress who brings an ethereal quality to her Gabby. It is hard not to root for her.

Many in the preview audience were moved to tears by “The Choice.” I am not so easily moved, but if you are looking for a good weeper, here you go.

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