Thursday, July 9, 2015

Music More Than Minions


Music the Best Thing About “Minions”

By Skip Sheffield

The best thing about “Minions” is its musical soundtrack. If you dig American and British classic rock from the 1960s, this is the soundtrack of your life. As for the Minions, they are mildly amusing, but they are one-joke wonders. Minions are metaphors for sheepish followers of despots, dictators and bullies everywhere. In case we don’t get it, it is spelled and acted out for us in a mini-history preface of Minions from prehistoric times when they followed the bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex, to 1966, where Brian Lynch’s (“Puss in Boots”) script is set. The Minions have wound up in frigid Antarctica without a despicable leader to follow. Kevin, the brightest of the lot, has a plan: Let’s go out into the world and find a new despicable villain to adore.
“Minions” is actually a prequel to the 2010 original “Despicable Me.” Once again co-director Pierre Coffin provides the voices of the principal Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob. It is this trio that journeys to New York City at the peak of Flower Power and thence to Orlando, where a Villain Convention is being held. Conveniently Orlando is also home to the Universal Studios theme park, where no doubt Minions will be a new attraction.
It is in Orlando the Minions meet the world first female super-hero, Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock. Scarlet’s fondest ambition is to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth II and crown herself the new Queen of England. This is a good excuse to switch the classic rock from American to British. More stuff happens, but no point in spoiling what little plot there is.

One piece of advice: stick around to the very end of the credits at you will be treated to an all-star version of the Beatles “Revolution.” Yes, another sequel is in the works.