Friday, May 22, 2015

Brett and Sam Take Their Act on the Road

photo by Skip Sheffield


Hanging at the New 1 Hotel South Beach with Brett and Sam 

By Skip Sheffield

You know Sam Elliot even if you haven’t seen him in countless Westerns and television movies. He’s the tall, strikingly handsome man with a big droopy moustache. If somehow you haven’t seen him you know the voice: rich, resonant and deep; the current voice of Dodge Ram commercials.
Sam Elliott and writer-director Brett Halsey came to Miami Beach recently to promote “I’ll See You in My Dreams.” Their first stop was an AARP convention, attended by more than 750 cheering people. The new day they did a round-robin series of interviews at the new 1 Hotel South Beach.
“I’m glad I was available to do it,” said Elliot, relaxing on a sofa. “I’m very fortunate to have work at all at this point in life. To work with someone like Blythe is just a bonus.”
Elliott found his own dream girl, actress Katheryn Ross, back in 1984. They have been happily married ever since.
Brett Haley, who previously co-wrote and directed “The New Year,” teamed with his producers to raise seed money with a Kickstarter program and then shot on a bare-bones budget in just 18 days. A Florida native who was raised in Pensacola and Key West, Haley would have liked to have shot in Florida, but found Los Angeles more feasible.

“This isn’t just a movie for older people,” he says. “We have discovered at screenings that kids like it too. People can find love in many ways at any age. We tried to show this in an entertaining way.”

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