Friday, January 31, 2014

An Awkward "Awkward Moment"

By Skip Sheffield

The best I can say about “That Awkward Moment” is that it is not as lame as I feared. It actually has some laughs.
The film is aimed at twenty-someings, but we have all been there.
Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan star as three best friends in New York City. Jason (Efron) and Daniel (Teller) work as book jacket designers and Mikey (Jordan) is a doctor.
Designing book jackets must really be lucrative, because the guys have a big, groovy pad down in Chelsea. The “Award Moment” of the title, written by first-time director Tom Gormican, is the point in time when a woman asks a man: is this serious?, or is it just a passing fancy?
For Jason and Daniel, just chasing girls is fine. Mikey has made the commitment of marriage to beautiful Vera (Jessica Lucas), but she has cheated on him and fallen for another man. She wants a divorce.
So like the men of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” the three modern musketeers make a pledge to swear off serious relationships and just have fun.
That’s easier said than done, especially when a guy finds himself falling for someone special.
For Jason it is Ellie, played by the adorably imperfect Imogen Poots. Ellie is a rich girl who has a job in that same lucrative field of publishing. For Daniel it is his gal pal Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), who is quickly becoming more than just a friend.
Mikey still moons over Vera, and spends most of the film secretly trying to woo her back.
That’s pretty much it, except for standard frat-boy rude sex, booze and bathroom humor. While Zac Efron is the top-billed star, it is Miles Teller who is by far the more interesting actor. Unlike pretty boy Efron (who has put on a bit of weight, ladies), Teller has “character,” not the least of which are the prominent scars on his face and neck, resulting from a horrific car accident.
Michael B. Jordan is one super good-looking dude, and if you’ve seen “Fruitville Station” you know he can act, but his Mikey as written is the least interesting character.
In all “That Awkward Moment” is fair to middling. It could have been worse.


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