Friday, April 5, 2013

"Old Jews Got Talent" Show in Deerfield Beach April 10

Pictured: Ron Goldfarb


“Old Jews Got Talent” According to Rabbi Mike

By Skip Sheffield

Jewish people are nothing if not resilient. How else could they have survived and endured more than 5,000 years against all odds?
There is no single answer, but “Rabbi Mike” Stern has an important clue.
“Jews have a very strong sense of humor,” Stern declares. “If you think about it, more than half of the most popular classic comedians are Jewish. Humor is how we cope with all the transitions.”
Rabbi Mike is a man of action who puts his theories to practice. A year ago he put on an evening of Jewish humor at the Levis JCC in west Boca Raton. It was so popular Stern decided to take the concept on the road in a secular setting. A month ago Stern produced a show he dubbed “Old Jews Got Talent” at the Paragon Deerfield 8 movie theater in Deerfield Beach. By popular demand the event will be repeated from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, April 10 at the same location.
“The Borscht Belt school of Catskills comedy is dying out,” Stern asserts. “This is our small effort to keep the tradition alive.”
Some of the “Old Jew” comics are professionals. Most are not.
Ron Goldfarb made a name for himself in the New York Bar Association before retiring, moving to Florida and taking up painting. Goldfarb auditioned and was chosen for the first Old Jews Got Talent show. Now he is back with a new batch of jokes.
“When you think about it, there is a similarity between layers and stand-up comics,” muses Goldfarb. “We both use words to make a living, and we have to think on our feet. I find the sound of laughter gratifying, just as I would defining a tough case.”
Rabbi Mike runs a one-man, non-profit ministry called Rabbi Without Walls. For shut-ins or people who can’t afford temple memberships or simply need reassurance, Stern travels to them.
“I started Rabbi Without Walls in Philadelphia and ran it eight years there, and I still hear from people there” Stern reveals. “I decided to try it here when my wife and I moved to Florida two years ago. You could call Old Jews Got Talent an outreach of that program. A temple or a church is not defined by its walls, but by people who believe.”
Tickets for Old Jews Got Talent are $20, $22.50 and $26.50. Call 414-573-9608 or go to for more information.

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