Friday, March 22, 2013

You Did Just Fine Ed Koch


Ed Koch Gets a Cinematic Epitaph

It is no small irony that “Koch” was released in New York on the very day former mayor Ed Koch died at age 88. No more would New Yorkers hear Koch’s cheery greeting, “How am I doing?” Now they have a film to memorialize him, warts and all.
Koch became Mayor of New York City in 1977, when the whole place was on the brink of ruination. He went on to serve three terms, through 1989. No one can say Koch did not work tirelessly to improve the quality of life and financial stability of New York City. Koch had a special concern for minorities, the homeless, people with AIDS and gay rights. As a result he had his detractors. Directed by Neil Barsky, the film brings up the rumor the never-married Koch was gay. That topic is never settled, nor does it really matter.
Koch was a very private man. We should honor that. Testimonies by Michael Bloomberg, Calvin O. Butts III, Carl McCall, Christine Quinn, Charles Rangel and ordinary citizens tell us why.
You did just fine Ed.

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