Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Road Trip With Mom


A Fairly Funny “Guilt Trip”

If you like Barbra Streisand you will probably like “Guilt Trip.” If not, back away slowly from the movie theater.
“Guilt Trip” stars Babs as Joyce Brewster, the overprotective New Jersey Jewish mom of nerdy Andy Brewster, played by Jason Segel.
Andy studied chemistry at UCLA and he fancies himself an inventor. He has concocted an all-natural cleaning solution that is so non-toxic you can actually drink it. Andy has poured seven years and all his money into developing the awkwardly-named “Scioclean.” Sadly, Andy’s presentational skills are even more awkward.
This proves a problem when Andy embarks on a cross-county trip from New Jersey to San Francisco, with Joyce riding shotgun, trying to convince major chains to carry his product.
That’s pretty much it with Dan Fogelman’s screenplay, inspired by an actual trip he took with his mother. Fogelman is the author of the romantic films “The Proposal” and “Crazy, Stupid Love,” so you can bet he is big on aw-shucks vulnerability.
However, thanks in large part to the comedic skill of Streisand, there are some hearty yucks in this anticlimactic journey. I came away from the film with a new realization how beautiful Streisand’s eyes are.

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