Friday, October 12, 2012

A Pretty Dog and 7 Psychopaths

Crazy Fun in “Seven Psychopaths”

With the title like “Seven Psychopaths” you must assume you will be seeing a black comedy.

Black comedy it is, and “Seven Psychopaths” is surprisingly funny considering its macabre premise. For that we must credit gifted playwright Martin McDonagh, who both wrote and directed “Seven Psychopaths.” McDonagh was named Britain’s Most Promising Playwright for his first play, “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” in 1996. McDonagh tapped his buddy Colin Farrell, who had previously starred in McDonagh’s film “In Bruges,” to play the lead character of a failing, alcoholic screenwriter named Marty.

Marty’s best friend is Billy (Sam Rockwell), a ne’er do well actor who convinces Marty to help him dog-nap a valuable Shih-Zu named Bonny.

This is a spectacularly bad idea. Bonny is owned by Charlie (Woody Harrelson), a ruthless and possibly crazy gangster.

Soon Charlie is on the trail of Billy, Marty and their accomplice, Hans (Christopher Walken).

While the action is slapstick, choppy and mock-gory, there is an underlying satire of writer’s pretentions, crime movie clichés, mental health and obsessions. The dog is awfully cute too.

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