Thursday, August 27, 2009

computer tyranny

Kids in Distress Get a Boost from the Dubliner

Jan McArt Provides Moral Support

Last night I attended a benefit for Kids in Distress at The Dubliner in Mizner Park, Boca Raton.
I know what a lame duck candidate feels like now. People were tsk-tsking and tut-tuting or my job loss. I spent most of my time with Jan McArt, who was "The First Lady of Theatre" during the glory days of Boca Raton News.
Jan's Royal Palm Dinner Theatre went out of business, but she reinvented herself as an academic at Lynn University. She encouraged me to do likewise.
Gosh, I wish I could do that. But when I got up this morning, my computer, sensing I had an important task, refused to boot up.
I called my techie friend Bill Curtis, who had lent me the machine when mine fried.
"Hard drive," he said grimly. "Just keep trying to restart it."
Oh brother. So I asked my ex-wife if I could use her computer so I could start working on some freelance with a Friday deadline.
Her machine is better than mine, but different in mysterious ways. Everything seemed OK as I created a doc in Microsoft Word. Then I discovered my machine had decided to come to life- jealous, probably. So I asked ex Lynda to e-mail me the document I had just created.
The e-mail came through, but the text came out gibberish.
I'll have to ask our college-age boarder for tech assistance. Brian has been playing with computers since age 8, and for him that's what it is: play.
For me computers have always meant work and the accompanying problems. I need an attitude adjustment. Any suggestions?

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